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Your (cursed) Shop demo

Manage your shop, befriend your new neighbors, and adventure throughout the countryside! · By comfyfox


A topic by KoS_Xanatos created Nov 24, 2019 Views: 122
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Doing the shovel, rubble, key, chest quest, buying the key opened the chest (which was empty).
Can't open any of the areas aside from the quarry, was really hoping to go "exploring" at in at least one place outside of town.
Bad Smith, no cookie: You can't smelt Iron. To advance in the learning smithing, had to equip a different weapon then sacrifice the dagger you start with. Then, since you can't smelt iron bars, the only weapon you can make is simple staffs. Also, half the time I "bought" something from the smith, it didn't give me the items (armors mostly), and I couldn't equip them either.

No other real quest-lines at this time.

Otherwise, it's fun, looking forward to potentially playing an updated version of the game.

Current version: 0.3a, 64-bit.