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BLL - Basic Local Lua

BLL is a free minimalist portable Lua programming environment · By BLL

BLL Script Contest 2017 Sticky

A topic by BLL created Feb 11, 2017 Views: 170
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Link to BLL Script Contest 2017

Download BLL: here
Make a functional BLL script that have more than 300 lines of BLL code after you press: [ Ctrl-Alt-C] Clean all the Codes
Create a account and ask for a "Download object" in the BLLchat.bll script
Upload your BLL script before August 10, 2017
Registered users in the community can then vote until August 20, 2017 on who they want to win!
Winners will choose the prize they desire on the lists, codes are then sent to users registered email on

OBS: Only one script per contestant, if a contestant upload more than one script they going to be dismissed!
Feel free to ask any questions in this forum or in the BLLchat.bll

Have fun scripting BLL
and Good Luck!

20 prizes worth over $2200 + 10 Extra consolation prizes