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Mac Version ?

A topic by kevin12 created Feb 09, 2017 Views: 4,351 Replies: 15
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Hello my name is kevin and currently i have a macbook, is there any chance that this game is coming to mac ?



Yes please make this game for mac i got it unaware it was only for windows


having a mac is hard


almost all games are for windows


u can partition some part of your drive and download windows tho.

But sometimes its risky so i wont recommend u to try it.

Otherwise i hope they make it for make.




i know how you feel my brothers


WHYYYYY..... if this game comes to mac it would be the best day in my life!! please the god of games make this game for mac PLEASE!!!


Yess I really hope this comes on Mac!

Agreed Mac version please

i need mac version i really want to play it but i use a mac



first it did not work for pc because i needed administrator password second it does not work for mac cause its exe

While I do agree that this game should be for Mac I hope you all realize that your macs can run Windows so long as you did not buy a Mac from the stone ages (PowerPC based). It does depend on the mac, but newer macs can run the very latest version of Windows with full driver support using either Bootcamp or VMWare Fusion or Parallels. Do note that Bootcamp is the best method but you have to actually reboot into Windows where-as the other methods let you run Windows in a Virtual Machine but with this method you are sharing resources between the two OSes and thus not good for games unless you have the Mac I have: 2012 12-Core Mac Pro with 64GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 4TB HDD, GTX 680 4GB. So yea my mac can run games in virtual machines rather well but most people that buy macs are stuck with a dual core CPU unless they get a decent iMac or a 15-inch Macbook Pro. You will need to purchase a license for the version of Windows that your mac supports, however if you go to eBay you can buy licenses for Windows 10 Pro or 8.1 Pro all day long for about $6-10. Just note these keys will be tied to your MAC Address (network card, not the actual Mac) and thus if you ever get a new mac you will need a new key as well.

If you have a Mac with a dual core and integrated graphics (13-inch or less laptops, cheap iMacs and Mac Minis fit this bill, also anything with a Core 2 Duo) you will ONLY want to run Bootcamp as I mentioned before. Also note that anything with Intel Iris or even the Air's with Intel HD 5000 should be able to run this game although BARELY since they are integrated solutions but are much newer than the required video cards for this game so they should handle it but not very well. This is what people mean when they say Macs are not for bought the wrong mac for sure if you fit in this category. 

Apple Bootcamp

If you have a Mac with a Quad Core (or beyond that like me) and Dedicated Graphics such as a nicer iMac or a 15-inch Macbook Pro or a Mac Pro then you have the option to run VMWare Fusion (this is what I prefer) or Parallels (more user friendly and on a Black Friday special; search google for VMWare Fusion if you need more advanced features) and run Windows in a virtual machine which is much more convenient. Also note that 8GB RAM would be bare minimum for this setup and 16GB would be highly recommended so you can dedicate 8GB to each OS. Also note that both of these programs only support DirectX 10 or below so modern titles may or may not work with this solution.


I am note sure if you can private message someone on this site, but if you can feel free to hit me up if you have any questions about the installation methods. If you cannot private message just reply to my post. 

Thank you and have a good day!

mac pls