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Couple questions

A topic by Dean Sinclair created Feb 08, 2017 Views: 275 Replies: 2
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So I had a couple questions about this:

  1. As for coding style, are we expected to follow the styling conventions as given in the starter code, or is it okay to use our own conventions so long as we stick to a particular style (such as curly brace placement, variable naming conventions, etc.)?
  2. Can third-party art assets be outsourced as long as they are credited and referenced? Or are we expected to create these assets ourselves?
  3. Would I be correct in assuming we are being asked to use the majority of the scripts that have been given to us? As such, they should determine the overall idea of the gameplay?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Dean,

1. Code in the way you feel comfortable with, bearing in mind the assessment criteria. If in doubt, include comments explaining your style decisions.

2. You can use third-party assets as long as they are attributed/licensed correctly.

3. You can adapt and modify the provided code as much as you feel is necessary. It's recommended you make any changes clear in comments so that the judges know how you've worked with the existing code base.

Hi Dean,

At the risk of slightly contradicting my friends here, I would add that I always try to mimic the style of the code I am working with, as it makes the project more readable for everyone involved. This is why when working at a studio you tend to have a coding standard to follow, it helps everyone to read everyone else's code more easily and therefore we can all be more productive.

Also, if I'm reading you right you are suggesting putting the opening curly bracket on the same line as the function / control statement. If you do this, you are wrong and most likely evil :-)

Good luck, I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with!