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Software Laser Synth / Abstract Generator · By BlueFang

Laser Harp Request

A topic by SyncUp created 97 days ago Views: 72 Replies: 2
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Hi! I just bought two Laser Cubes by Wicked Lasers. Their Laser Harp app is cool, but it has 13 beams which makes it hard to play. Most "real" laser harps have 8 beams. I've asked them about making that feature available, but I need it for a Christmas production and they are 2 months out on it. I'm looking for someone to program a 8-beam laser harp by yesterday. Is that something you would be willing to look into programming? If so, let me know if you have any questions and a price estimate. Thanks!

Hi Why don't you just play it and not block of the beams that you do not want to use. ,,,,,,,,,, Or just block of the number of beams that  you do not want to use with a physical object

Thought of that. A camera has to see all 13 dots to activate the software. When a dot goes away, a note activates. You see the problem. Thought about "faking" dots I don't actually need. Too much trouble.