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Space Bob vs. The Replicons

Salvage resources to help Bob escape the Replicon invasion. Physics-based gameplay in radial gravity. · By Intravenous Software

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Update 14 - Version 0.510 - 4 May 2017

  • Tutorial altered to ensure that Bob is inside his lander, while docked on the landing pad, before it starts the 'ship tour' sequence.
  • Audio added to upgrade dispensers
  • Audio added to the landing bay, and conveyor belt, warning lights while active.
  • Audio added when entering, or ejecting from, the lander.
  • Audio added when shrinking and extending grapple lines.
  • Audio added to underwater bubble spouts.
  • Collision and footsteps audio added to crystal bases.
  • Collision and footsteps audio added to illmenite bases.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the shrink/extend grapple line ghost effect to remain visible when swapping away from the grapple gun.

Update 13 - Version 0.500 - 28 April 2017

  • Dave now has an audio effect while talking to the player. A new system was added to allow the tone of the effect to change, on a per-word basis, to match what Dave is saying.
  • All of Dave's messages have been manually updated to work with this new system and include tweaks to the wording of many of those messages.
  • Volume levels have been tweaked on dozens of audio effects. The overall audio balance is significantly improved in this build.
  • Updated tutorial planet audio. Planet collision sounds, footsteps, and skid sounds have been updated. Additional audio effects added to various events. Audio now fades as expected during both sleep sequences without affecting Dave's new communication audio. Slight tweaks to some of Dave's tutorial messages.
  • A 'Replay Tutorial' button has been added to the main menu. This only appears after having completed the tutorial for the first time.
  • Audio added to refinery ship conveyor belt.
  • Audio added while refining salvage.
  • The forced delay between Dave's messages has been reduced from 10 to 5 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the refinery ship's landing platform to get stuck in it's high position.

Update 12 - Version 0.497 - 25 April 2017

  • Collision audio added to Replicons
  • Replicons now audibly communicate and tell each other what they can see or what they are doing.
  • Both Replicon drop ships now have audio.
  • Gun bullet air-fizz sound effect redesigned.
  • Boss smoke stacks now have audio
  • Boss lasers now have impact audio
  • The ammount of crystals and the chance that they are hyperfuel crystals reduced on small asteroids.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the GrappleGun to stop working.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the landing platform to descend too far under rare circumstances.
  • Fixed a cause for the door locks on the boss to move out of position

Update 11 - Version 0.495 - 21 April 2017

  • Sound effect volumes tweaked for better balance.
  • Laser Pistol gun volume lowered.
  • Crystal collision volume lowered
  • Lander main thruster volume lowered
  • Reverb in boss rooms lowered.
  • Boss core effects volumes increased.
  • Bullet sound redesigned. Each gun now has it's own bullet volume.
  • Replicon explosion sound replaced with a new one.
  • Drips now make sounds upon collision
  • Geysers now have ambient bubbling sound
  • Geysers now have audio when firing.
  • Ambient wind effect added around planet surfaces.
  • Dynamic range compressor added to all audio. This reduces the volume of loud sounds and amplifies quiet ones for improved overall balance.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause replicon shock effects not to display when shot.

Update 10 - Version 0.490 - 19 April 2017

  • Audio effects added to the Main Menu and all UI Panels (Video, Controls, etc).
  • Audio effects added to the interactive system map and crafting screen UI's.
  • The Audio panel now allows the player to set Master, Effects and UI volumes independently.
  • Bob's skid sound effects redesigned and replaced for the refinery ship and all planet surfaces.
  • Updated Bob's primary gun sound effect.
  • Fixed the large volcano planet not having surface collision sounds or echoes inside caves.
  • Fixed footsteps sounds against crystals being far too loud.
  • Fixed a bug on the crafting screen that could cause the controller to lose focus if clicking on the message stating no more upgrades of that type are available.
  • Fixed a bug on the crafting screen that could make it impossible to craft jump fuel under very specific rare circumstances.

Update 9 - Version 0.480 - 14 April 2017

The First Audio Update:

Okay, finally. Phew! It's time to give you guys a preview of the new audio systems.

Approximately 60% of the planned audio work is now done so there's plenty still to do but the time-consuming back-end audio management systems are now up and running which makes it easy and fast to add new sounds.

That means that you can expect frequent updates over the next few weeks as missing effects are added and the existing ones get fine-tuned and polished.

It's worth clarifying that the UI still has no sound. This is a relatively quick job and is planned for next week.

Have fun, share your thoughts in the community section below, and pop back next week for another update or two.

Update 8 - Version 0.460 - 17th March 2017

  • The maximum planet size has been nearly doubled.
  • A new planet has been added. This is the largest planet yet with surface volcanoes and cave networks large enough to fly the lander through.
  • Accessible space around planets has been increased.
  • Further tweaks and improvements added to the dynamic ballast and rotational thrusters systems, on the player's lander, for more precise control.

Update 7 - Version 0.450 - 10th March 2017

  • Dave's conversations during regular gameplay have been updated or rewritten. If you would like to reset Dave, to hear the new dialog, Hold 'F7' for two seconds at the main menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Dave to repeat himself after many games. Dave should never repeat himself.
  • Replicon spiders and wasps can now be salvaged while alive. Good luck with that.
  • Replicon spiders, wasps, and their parts now contain additional salvage materials.
  • An additional item, previously in the game, can now be salvaged. It's a secret.
  • The crafting recipes for the plasma gun and the enhanced jetpack have been altered. It is now possible to craft these before reaching the anomaly.
  • Grapple connections no longer automatically detach while entering the refinery ship unless they are attached to the lander.
  • Grapple connections no longer automatically detach when detected inside the refining bay.
  • Many fixes and updates implemented to allow for the grapple changes inside the refinery ship.
  • Spider drop-ships can now be damaged by the rocket pistol and all explosions.
  • Replicon spiders now jump higher and have further improved their ability to navigate over irregular shaped objects.
  • The lander's rotational thrusters reach maximum thrust faster. This specifically improves the responsiveness of controls when dealing with heavy off-center loads.
  • The Upgrade Dispenser's button placement has been lowered and the button interaction range increased.
  • Liquid bubbles now pop with a visual effect.
  • Fixed the possiblity that the player could get trapped under a piece of machinery in the anomaly.
  • Salvage parts should no longer get trapped behind destroyed anomaly machinery.
  • Spider drop-ships now correctly clean up their grapple line when destroyed.
  • Grappling the ramps on replicon drop-ships no longer causes the player to stutter for a frame.
  • Dave is now classed as dead if the player dies inside his lander when it explodes. This prevents him from making a comment about the players death.
  • The upgrade panel no longer shows lander upgrades if the lander has been destroyed.

Update 6 - Version 0.440 - 7th March 2017

  • The color palette for Space Salvage Corp equipment has been redesigned. This includes various changes to the look of the player's weapons, upgrades, lander, and refinery ship.
  • The average number of crystals spawned on most planets has been reduced by 20%
  • Jellyfish can now spawn in large bodies of water .
  • Loot dispensers are now more common on large planets than small ones.
  • Minor modifications made to widen the right entrance into the refinery. This prevents the lander from getting stuck if it falls in.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could make some player created grapple connections unselectable.
  • Double tapping Esc. no longer causes the player to get stuck at the crafting panel or system map screens.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the player's current game score to overwrite their Total Score when escaping via the jump gate.

Update 5 - Version 0.431 - 4th March 2017

  • The player's weapons have had their damage increased. (For example, the basic gun now kills a Replicon spider in 3 hits rather than 4.)
  • Impact force for the player's basic gun and plasma gun increased. Crystals break free slightly faster.
  • Upgrade Dispenser spawn rates increased.
  • Fixed object placement bugs on the Anomaly
  • Fixed a bug that caused the penalty score to be added to overall score rather than subracted.
  • Increased the speed that the lander's rotational thrusters reach their maximum thrust.
  • The lander's dynamic ballast system at low speeds has been tweaked to allow for improved horizontal drifting.

Update 4 - Version 0.43 - 3rd March 2017

  • Upgrade Dispensers added.
  • New planet added with 'oceans' and underwater cave systems.
  • Water Density Reduced by 40%
  • Mud Density Reduced by 25%
  • Liquid bubble spouts can now appear inside water logged caves.
  • Reduced chance of HyperFuel crystals spawning deep inside earth-like biomes by 35%.
  • Replicon spiders now attempt to avoid all liquids.
  • Fixed issues with replicon spider movement after falling into liquid. They now work as expected in liquids.
  • The Replicon spiders ability to navigate over and around awkwardly shaped objects has been improved.
  • Underwater bubbles now collide with the player and his equipment.
  • The Ultra setting for Liquid Quality now allows additional objects to interact with liquid surfaces.
  • Shock waves from explosions now affect attached objects like crystals potentially breaking them free.
  • Rocket Pistol shock wave force reduced by 50%.
  • The rotational thrusters on the player's lander now ramp up in power over time to allow more precise control.
  • Anomaly generators and door locks now take damage from explosives.
  • Explosions now take into account the size of objects they hit to more accurately calculate damage based on distance from the explosion.
  • Splash damage range of explosions reduced by 15%
  • Splash damage range of rocket pistol reduced by 45%
  • Bug fixed that prevented Replicons from spawning on the first planet
  • Bug fixed that reduced Replicon spawn rates on some planets.

Update 3 - Version 0.42 - 24th Feb 2017

  • New dynamic ballast system added to the player's landing craft to dramatically improve stability.
  • New dynamic liquid simulation added. Water, Mud, Lava & Quicksand simulated.
  • Liquid Quality setting added to video options.
  • Replicon liquid avoidance checks added
  • Bug fixed that could cause Bob to be assigned the wrong gravity source.
  • Shock boots no longer damage the player's landing craft.

Update 2 - Version 4.15 - 7th Feb 2017

  • Check points have been added to the tutorial.
  • The text tip message on the Options/Audio panel has been reworded to avoid confusion.
  • The frequency and number of lush green planets, those with plenty of resources, has been reduced during system map creation.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Bob's gun to show off centre when swapping weapons during a recoil animation.
  • Gun reload time, damage per bullet, and energy cost per bullet, reduced by 50%.

Update 1 - Version 4.10 - 6th Feb 2017

  • Message text default speed increased by 30%.
  • 'Speed Up' hotkey and on-screen prompt added to start of the tutorial
  • The tutorial is now considered complete during the second sleep sequence.
  • Lander physics tweaks:
    • Maximum rotational speed reduced by 50%. Reduces over spinning and allows for faster corrections.
    • Rotational drag increased so the lander will automatically stop rotating more quickly.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the player to get stuck at the System Map or Crafting screens.
  • Initial impact damage for player and lander tripled.
  • Continuous contact damage (scraping damage) for player and lander reduced by 60%.
  • Max jump range increase to 220 from 200.
  • Jump Fuel required per unit of distance reduced from 6 to 4.6

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