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Search For A Star 2017 - Code Project Brief Sticky Locked

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Search For A Star 2017 - Code Project Brief

You will be required to adapt and improve upon an existing project, developing on the provided framework to create a playable, finished game. The style and creative direction of the game is up to you to choose. You will need to create additional content, including the development of gameplay and design features before publishing your game as a finished product.

This project is designed to mimic studio processes. It is important that for this challenge you utilize the existing project and do not start again from scratch.

Project Details

  • Project framework & usage instructions can be obtained in the BitBucket repository
  • Development engine is Unity3D.
  • Release platform is Windows PC.
  • Finished projects must be published to the competition game jam on
  • Project submission will require a link to the code repository of your finished project.
  • Publication deadline is March 2nd 2017 at 11:59 PM

Project Assessment Criteria

Judges will award marks based on:

Your ability to maintain good coding practices, to write clean efficient and readable code. Your ability to read and understand an existing code base (do not start again from scratch). Your approach to identifying problems and implementing solutions. The breadth of your technical ability e.g. gameplay, networking, graphics, performance, editor extensions

Your ability to identify & implement core gameplay concepts and mechanics.

The implementation of extra features to the base game (e.g. high scores, achievements, multiplayer modes, tutorial etc.)

The clarity and ease of use of user systems, including the navigation, controls and visual interfaces.

Creativity & Originality
The implementation of great ideas, overall style & creative concepts.

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