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Spicy Tanks Alpha

A hilarious physics based tank game · By zulubo

More new things! :'D

A topic by _Shad0w_ created Feb 06, 2017 Views: 557 Replies: 7
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I think if you put new things like, Pve or Pvp mode online or new levels, new tanks, etc... This game can be very popular, keep it going :'D

Where do you buy it?

Here. It used to be $1.99 or more, but now it's pay-what-you-want.

Made a suggestion about a respawn system and got a reply that it might be added, very cool! Also a quick question is when there is an update will it be on the main spicy tanks page? or on

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If you're referring to where to download the update, you can always get the latest version by going to your personal Download page here on You can get to it by clicking the red Download button at the top of this page or in My purchases, if you've claimed/purchased the game.

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Okay. I literally just got done playing this and I gotta say that it's a good concept, but obviously things need to be tweaked.
1. Traction. Even the tank I had with the most traction, was sliding around like butter on soapy ice.

2. Camera issues. Apparently looking too high up or too low down will cause the camera to instantly invert, which makes controling an already-hard-to-control tank even harder to control.

3. Movement control. I happened to notice that when I was turning the base of my tank, it actually continue to keep turning even after I released the keys, which, once again, makes the tank even harder to control.

All judgement aside though, I think this is a very interesting game and would love to see it evolve.

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To add to number 3, better air control would be appreciated as well. Currently, you can slightly alter the tank's rolll and pitch while mid-air with WASD (caused me some confusion at first, because the tank kept flipping upside down after every jump due to me holding W).

I don't think Rocket League-levels of control is necessary, but just a tiny bit more control would be nice.


Love this game, I think that you should try to get more tanks and get a multiplayer system up and running.