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FPS Issues

A topic by tasia3332 created Feb 04, 2017 Views: 5,600 Replies: 13
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From the very starting menu the game is very laggy, and the actual game plays at 10 FPS at most. I am really interested in giving this game chance, is there anything I can do to fix this? I am quite inexperienced in computers, but I tried both the Windows 32 and 64 zip files.

it's possible your graphics card, RAM or processor is struggling

Hmm okay, I'll check through those. Thanks for the hint

Same problem,nvidia ge force 730 2gb,ram 6 gb,procesor i3 4170 3.70 ghz,and i play this game with 20-30 fps in 720 x 480 resolution...

Same here too, my fps is only 2 to 4 fps. Is the game have a problem or just our processors?

no the game doesn't have a's probably your computer not being good enough to handle the graphics and such.

when I'm on fulscreen playing 2-4fps, when I play windowed 800x600 15-18 fps and I try the 320x200 windowed 20-30 fps the only problem is I cant play that small. I downloaded 64x and 32x both are the same

Graphics card and CPU ?

Windows 10, 2.17 GHz

um.... i said graphics card and CPU not operating system and GHz

sorry about that, it's 64mb

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The game runs at max settings regardless of what you chose to run the game in Unity.

Make sure to check the options menu and the video section and turn everything to the lowest.

It should look like this.

I really want to give this game ago but it is really struggling. The laptop I am using has a radeon graphics card and can play total war well enough. I have lowered the water graphics and turned down the resolution and I am still getting 2-4FPS max. WHY U NO WORK ?!

Although my computer has had difficulty running Unity games in the past, I can run Chivalry Medieval Warfare at a reasonable fps. Attempting to run this game, it is at a maximum of 2-4 FPS and there is constant clipping - the darkness appears to be thousands of disconnected polygons flying everywhere, obstructing my vision - even in the main menu. At times, I see nothing at all (again, in the main menu where you're supposed to be seeing a lighted raft).

I expect that this game is using some graphics card feature that is not supported by those of us with problems in this thread. (My graphics card is "AMD Radeon HD 7400M Series").

Note that, in my case, if I go into a game and look straight down, I get 30+ fps. If I look back up, the crazy sky drops the FPS back down. Lowering the resolution to 800x600 helps - I can look at the crazy sky and get an fps of up to 8.

Here are two screenshots of this "clipping"/"crazy sky":