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MeshSkinner (for Unity 3D)

Make SkinnedMeshRenderer components in Unity games during runtime. · By Winterdust

What are some practical uses for the real time Skinned Mesh asset?

A topic by Blurg created Feb 02, 2017 Views: 394 Replies: 2
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I'm curious what use cases this would be used for in game development?

Thank you


I mainly made the plugin to go with in order to make modding games easier. Basically you wouldn't need to bake everything into your game but can simply read files from a folder and apply the skeleton and mesh during runtime. So modders just need to modify files in the folder without needing to use specific modding tools for your game. But it can have other uses too, for example say that you randomize a mesh in your game and afterwards want to modify it simply by moving a few points. Simply let those points act like a skeleton and use MeshSkinner to connect them with the mesh. You could also modify a mesh, for example make a character's nose bigger due to some spell cast in the game or something, and then refresh the model afterwards using the MeshSkinner.

Ah, that's cool, wasn't totally clear at first. Thanks :)