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Cornershop Tycoon

Inherit a small store, keep customers happy and try not to run it into the ground. · By Skatanic Studios

Loved the game but

A topic by Xhite created Feb 02, 2017 Views: 679
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Loved the game. Beat it at 3rd try. However there are things should be considered.

  1. After market basket you dont need to buy any other upgrade since you are limited by 55 stocks for each good and sell all of it everyday anyway.
  2. Game goes from insanely hard to extremely easy fast. You need to earn 40 bucks per day on average to survive. You need to calculate every thing you buy at first, consider every risk you take. It is real fight for first 30-40 days. But after something like 60 days you easily earn 100 bucks+ per day you play with every resource opened full stockpile. After you get market basket you get 600 profit everyday no matter what but you still have 40 bucks expenses.
  3. Game goes easy can be ok if you can use your extra resources to scale higher (may be bigger market with higher rent). Option to pay loan completely ? In order to remove tediously maxing out every stock with tens of clicks per day a button to maximize stockpile every resource you unlocked (if you are ok with buying milk too)
  4. Since you sell everything so fast later, your customer happiness goes to 0 everyday. May be an upgrade to restrict minimum happines to higher level. And reorganize algorithm slightly so you cant sell everything at lower happiness (like you sell %40 of your resources at 0 zero happiness and scales up to %100 at 95 happiness or sth (Of course still there is some randomness within) )
I dont know so much potential for such a basic game but needs to improve on mechanics. I liked simple graphics etc. Other then a few extra functions (like buy all resources or maximize a single resource) it needs more in mechanics; bigger the shop higher the rent may be, needs more upgrades to improve inventory size, happiness mechanics should be reviewed (better ways to increase happiness and dont sell everything at 0 happiness etc)) I liked first days are tense but doable. Some parts of game should be easier to allow player scale up but not that easy that much to bore him/her out.

Thanks, Kaan.