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Game data finally back on my hands! Sticky

A topic by Space Banana Studio created Jan 29, 2017 Views: 237
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Hello players!

I'm really happy to announce I'm finally able again to work on the game, after long months of computer and Windows issues and stuff. I did a backup of every project and I can be back working on T a k e y o u r t i m e レースゲーム.

I'm really happy we reached almost 1000 downloads and, most incredibly, we sold 4 copies with the donation system. I will personally give thanks to the 4 guys that bought the game and of course they'll have direct access to every new copy of the game and to the full game if it ever goes on Steam or whatever paid platform.

Bug solving to start

As you saw I uploaded a new file containing the Windows, Mac and Linux builds of the new version of the game (the alpha 0.4) that I just built after a minor but useful (I hope) bug solving: I had to wipe out a lot of scores and times because they were obviously fake and bugged, so I replaced the bug and finally tried to solve it. The problem should now be solved, but I'm waiting for your feedbacks to confirm it.

Also, I'll leave the old version online for still few days because I want to know from you if it's better to upload every new version packed on a single file or to upload for every platform separately, because of the different size of the files and you might like to download just the file you're interested in at a minor size. (180 MB vs 50 MB)

Alright, the update is finished, hope you'll keep downloading and playing the game.

See you at the next one and thank you again!