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A stylish turn-based RPG/action platformer hybrid. · By Pringle

How to Softlock: A Short Guide

A topic by Merchant of Ragusa created Oct 20, 2019 Views: 308
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1. Go to this specific room in the Solastran Outpost, and put one of the blue things on the button!

2. Stand right where I was in that image, fire a bubble at the blue thing on the switch, and dash straight for the spike-wall that the switch controls! If you do it right, it should look like this:

and you should now be unable to move! The only way out of this one (as far as I know) is to reload your save. Luckily, a save point was pretty close to here, so you should be alright, though you'll probably have to redo a few battles.

tl;dr you can softlock here, though you have to do it to yourself