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mac and linux update?

A topic by StevesTBTV created Jan 23, 2017 Views: 989 Replies: 4
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windows is now in version 1.05 and have a multiplayer beta. When will mac and linux users see anything?

we can't really put out game content when we are a vesion behind everybody else and have major bug issues like no water.

never mind. i have now saw the answer somewhere else. unfortunately they will not be continuing with mac and linux at this time.

for anybody that is on a mac i do know of a software called wineskin winery that allows you to play windows games and does play version 1.05 if anybody is still interested in playing raft.

^^if this isn't allowed please tell me and i will delete the post.

So, does that mean that they will never do a Raft 1.05 Update for Mac?


apparently not at the current time. they may look into it later down the line but at this time they don't have the time as they only have three people working on the game.

i doubt it will be anytime soon though.

1.06 Alpha 2 Is Coming

Please Stand By

But Right Now

You Could Download 1.06 Alpha 1 Mod By Jerrison Gamer Studios (Me)