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I made it to the end of the world in raft!

A topic by Checkium created Jan 22, 2017 Views: 412 Replies: 4
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This was done using demp, wich gives you unlimited resources.

The bridge is so long that you can't see the initial "island"!

I decided to fall over, and down there I could see the wole bridge, and the initial "island"

You dont acutally fall forever, theres a point where you stop, and you have this kinda strange floor

Is there anyway you could get back up to the island?

After falling? I dont think so

Have you tried building back up to your raft or something? Maybe a teleport command exists in multiplayer?

I dont know, and I lost the save. I was just playing around since I ded on my main save because I bugged in a item net :P