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Action RPG with Bitcoin economy · By megogame

Khan server down?

A topic by Zee55 created Jan 22, 2017 Views: 342 Replies: 8
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I progressed through the first quest, spoke to Tyco and received the basic armor (a bit unsure about the armor ability). I tried to go into the teleporter but it's telling me that the server is down.

Everything is back up for me. Though, I still can't buy any items.

Hello Zee55!

Sometimes when we update the game we have to restart the servers. Sorry about that but is inevitable :(

Everything should be fine if you try to reconnect 5 minutes later.

We are reviewing what is going on with the market.


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Hi! I loadidg at Khan level .... and cant move. Some guy told "who are you?" ... and that all. Any ideas?

Did you try pressing WASD?

If you press ESC you will see all controls at the top right corner.

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Sure. I turn around up,left,down,right at the same place near person who told me "who are you" and cant move ((((. Around me alot of lava ... yellow texture. Yesterday i stop play in level "deserts" in another computer. Then i load game in new machine (pc with another hardware) and have that problem. Maybe is some problem with client DB? My position changed from "desert" to "Khan" after install and playing from another PC.

P.S. Name of "Who are you" guy is kepha.

See logs and try to fix that please. My game login is flowless.

Linux elementary 64 bit OS (Loki, Ubuntu 16.04 based). Nvidia proprietary driver.

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Maybe its problem for elementary OS loki distro with pantheon GUI. In Ubuntu version 14.04, 16.04 with same PC all works done. Will migrate to ubuntu.

Server is down about 24 hours. Is some info about that?

I was playing for a bit yesterday. Server is up for me.