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Winter Falls

Explore the ruins to uncover the truth. · By Philisophic Games

Door Code

A topic by coocoo497 created Jan 20, 2017 Views: 232 Replies: 4
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Hey man, So far im loving the game, but i;m stuck at the door code to go into the vault, the hint is year and gold and there is the calender as well as the prices for coffe and whatnot but i cant figure it out, I have no idea if I put the right ones in as i've put in so many codes at this point, if you dont mind telling me what the code is and even how that relates to the hints that would be awesome!

  1. Press TAB and check the church note. There you should figure out the year when they found the gold. Thank you for the nice words :-

You know what, I totally forgot that there was an inventory system, I ended up thinking ""year probalbly means 1997, so 97 has to be in the code, so i ended up using any combination that used "97" in sequence until i got it, but otherwise I really enjoyed it. One more thing, apparently we needed 3 items, but I don't remember picking up the cross, i want to say it was in the church but i went to inspect a rag on the floor and accidentally used the door instead. So I have no idea where I would have gotten it from.


You automatically pick up the cross when you read te first note. I might have forgotten to add a notification for that. It is great to get feedback so i can improve the game, so thank you

Oh okay, I wasn't aware.