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Just woke up

A topic by Federe76 created Jan 18, 2017 Views: 657 Replies: 3
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I just woke up. Don't know where I am, don't know what happened or how I got here. I appear to be on a Raft made out of nothing more than a few pieces of wood, floating with no sense of direction with nothing on me except a rope with a hook attached to it. No matter where I look, there seems to be nothing or noone else nearby. I noticed some debry floating around, some of it passes near me, I try to grab what I can, maybe it will be of some use. Unfortunately I see something else in the water. A shark has gained interest in me and is circling my raft, probably waiting for the right moment.

I'm start to get thirsty and hungry, I need to think of something or I will die even before the shark decides to make a move. I salvage some wood and scrap metal. I improvise a way to boil some water in an attempt to make it drinkable. With more scrap I get myself a nice little "can" to get the water. I may not remember anything, but apparently I do know how to start a fire. Without much trouble I get my "boiler" up and running. I dare to take the first sip, and it's not as bad as I feared. Water supply won't be a problem, next thing is to find a source of food. I tried catching fish with my hands but it's useless and I don't dare going into the water. Not that it matters, because I can serve another cup of water my Raft starts shaking. The shark! He grew tired of waiting and it's tearing appart the floor I'm standing on. Without much for me to do I hope the planks hold toghether long enough. Lucky for me, the shark bites out a chunk of my Raft and swims away. I now have to find a source of food and a way to defend my self, before it's too late.

My only way of getting things done is waiting for the floating debry to bring me materials so I can make something up. I collect more wood and scrap metal, and some thatch will suffice to make some rope. I now have what I need to come up with a fishing rod. Also with enough of everything I think I can expand my Raft, so I have more space to work with. I craft a fishing rod but with no other option for bait I put thatch on the hook and hope it works. I cast away and wait. My stomach growls, the shark still round my remaining platform, this might as well be my last chance of survival. I feel something, a tug, could it be? Another, now it pulls hard on the string, I have to fight it, I need this, I need it to stay alive. I pull and pull, one moment almost losing the rod altoghether, next momento almost falling off the Raft. But I succeed. I got a fish, a big one for that matter. I now need to come up with some kind of idea on how to cook it. The concept for the boiler is a good start. From it and adding a few changes, I got myself a cooking station of some sorts. Looks like hunger won't be a problem, The only problem left is that shark, I have to think of some way to defend my life.

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I did it, I put some materials toghether to make a spear, now I can stand up against that shark. I'm no idiot, I won't look for a fight, and for sure I won't go into the water. I'll just have to wait for him to aproach and try, at least, to scare him away.

There he comes, I stab him a few times, but he is too focused on breaking the floor beneath my feet. I keep on hurting him until he gives up and swims away. I win this round, but he is not dead yet, he will surely come back for more. From now on I'm not scared of you beast.

I have a stable supply of food and water, and I have found a way to keep the shark at bay. It's time for me to concentrate on expandind my Raft. If I have no choice but to live up here, I might as well get confortable. I have a couple ideas on how to improve the design, but first, I need to collect debris faster. Right now it's just the hook and my hands, and many times materials float away before I can get them.

I came up with an idea for a net, somethink I can install on the lower end of the Raft, and it can catch any materials that pass through it. It worked perfectly, I now have many more building materials to work with, the nets work great.

Raft's expansion is going great, but something interesting came floating. A barrel containing potatoes and some large seeds that I can't figure out. I'll worry about the seeds later, for now I will focus on growing potatoes if I can. I thought of a way to make some sort of soil to plant. Using chipped wood, some teared up thatch, and anything resseambling organic material, I made a crop plot. Don't know if it will work, in the mean time, I'll continue to eat fish.

It's working! Not sure how long it's been since I planted them, but my potato farm is starting to grow. It's turning out great. It seems like forever since I felt this optimistic, if I could grow these, maybe I can find out what those big seeds are. I continue to expand the Raft, carefully building a larger frame so I can finally move in a more open space. As soon as I have enough room, I'll give those seeds some soil to grow on.

The frame for the bigger design of the Raft took me longer than I expected but it's now complete. I have enough surface to not walk around fearing that I'll fall offboard. I also installed bigger soil plots, and planted the seeds, now I wait. I decided to build some proper shelter in part of the new area. For better of for worse, I decided to turn this Raft into a home,

My character's health just keeps depleting no matter what I do.


Eat something, stay away from water and shark. Once it happened that the shark got bugged and if I went even near him I started dying.