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OTHER: Her Loving Embrace [EARLY DEMO]

A stylish turn-based RPG/action platformer hybrid. · By Pringle

2 options suggestions

A topic by akweus created Oct 05, 2019 Views: 113
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1 option that puts

Talk to The Wizard into the start / enter menu and then you can't interact with him on the field. Maybe this should be the default setting

I got into a lot of battles by getting stuck into his dialogue

there should at least be a cancel talking button at the bottom of his dialogue options


and an option that lets you hold charge / C to walk, and you dash by default

usually those are the two options you get (hold C to run or hold C to walk)
you super get bonus points for having the toggle option

and you options menu is super fantastic already (button remapping, screen shake SLIDER instead of just on/off

like you've done a super awesome job already

just two suggestions (b' ')