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Unlimited Recources

A topic by TabMab created Jan 17, 2017 Views: 3,744 Replies: 7
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In many youtube videos i saw people having recource cheats. How do i get them and how do i install them?


Well I do not unterstand why anyone would cheat in a game that´s currently under development.

I is for finding bugs and getting an overview of the content, bot in winning or something, but I dont mind.

BTT: Cheat Engine should be fine with it.

Install my mod and /give <id> <count> on chat :)

So i got the mod working but if I enter /give Plank 100 and press enter just nothing happens D: what is wrong?

okokokk I got it THANKS!!!!!! I#ll make a Video about it :DDDD


what is the mod called