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First person restaurant Tycoon · By vandijkstef

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A topic by vandijkstef created Jan 14, 2017 Views: 526
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Developer (11 edits)

Hi all!

Please note that this patchlog is here to give a rough outline of fixes and updates. More then often I will include small fixes without mentioning.

These items are fixed, and will follow in the next patch.

  • Improved lighting
  • Added lantarns

1.1.0 [17-3-2017]

  • Converted customers into citizens
    • Currently there is just 3 types, yet they think all on their own
  • Bags! Collect items into a single object
  • Controls show on screen again (Can be disabled)
    • Added icons for Mouse/Keyboard
  • Integrated Itchworks for closed alpha testing, read more in the news section
  • Improved oven interaction, items will not actually "attach" to oven when the door is closed
  • Cups with coffee cannot be filled again
  • New customer order backend system, improved RNG and options
  • Tutorial indicators
  • Give orders directly to customers (they will place it on the bar and pick it up again if they agree on it)
  • Moved 4 locations in the restaurant area to prevent NPC collision
  • Fixed dissapearing cups when consumed trough a tray
  • Added Coffee heat decay
  • Added Wall shelf
  • Removed "Buy Panels"

The following features are released in the closed alpha

  • Computer allows ordering items (orders will arrive in a minute or so)
  • Possible to buy and place/build furniture and machines

1.0.6 [22-1-2016]

  • Settings! Control FoV, Sensitivity and Invert the Y axis on controllers
  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to "destroy" an object
  • Brrrr, The coffeemachine buzzes again
  • Hello! Notifications are back
  • To wait or not to wait. Customers will leave after a while

1.0.5 [17-1-2016]:

  • Espresso! Use the top button on the coffee machine
  • Servetab in hand doesn't block interactions
  • Reworked Order / Popup system

1.0.4 [16-1-2016]:

  • Skipped version number due to build error
  • Cups are steamy again, with improved steam!
  • Cups work according to a recipe now. Espresso and Capuchino incoming!
  • Machines notify you when they are done
  • Added smoothing to main menu paralax
  • Fixed several minor customer bugs

1.0.2 [13-1-2016]:

  • Added builds for OSX and Linux
  • Fixed a bug where a customer wouldn't eat his order, due to the table already being full
  • Fixed several bugs related to customers and their handling of the cup
  • [Known] I might have forgotten to update the ingame version number

1.0.1 [13-1-2016]:

  • Rebuild the game, let the bug games begin!
  • Yes, you can keep playing!