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Adventure High

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Bug: Stuck on floor 21 and character won't move.

A topic by layarion created Sep 26, 2019 Views: 50
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Game version .56
Windows 10

1) Character stops walking/being able to move any distance on floor 21
2) Library girl started saying I had fake notes on and after notes from floor 17

1) On floor 21 my character stops "moving", assuming when a monster encounter is suppose to happen, and instead character will turn directions based on keyboard input, but doesn't actually move from the spot. Going back to bedroom gets me out of this, but I'll just get stuck again on floor 21. Turning the program off and back on, I was able to roam on the floor, but there was no outlet. So nothing to do in the game at this point.

2) After exhausting all options I was not able to get or figure out how to get Julia physically in my party to change the layout of floor 21 either. This might have something to do with, that starting at floor 17, she started thinking I had fake notes. I don't think this is human error on my part, but if it is, game should really allow me to see a list of what notes LibararyGirl has received for my own ease of mind.

Restarting my playthrough, hope it doesn't happen again.