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few things

A topic by ANTYKRIST created 85 days ago Views: 425 Replies: 1
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So I have played game to the ,,end" few times now and I still didn't see all thing in game but it's great so far. Also I want to point my finger at some thing which I believe are bug  or just could use a second look.

So first thing is the scrolling. It can be used to be more successful when learning etc. (pretty op when you have the patience to do everything so many times)

Second thing some animations are pretty long which is not bad but at some repeatable quests (like the twins) it would be nice to have option to skip them (if it's in game and I just didn't notice please let me know how to do it)

Third thing when I talk to Luna about Guibbler we have a nice chat but quest book wont respond to it.

All other things I discovered were already mentioned by someone so now I only want to ask if I can actually bing someone to Witch's Sundew. Thanks for response and sorry for grammar (English is my second language)

to skip there is a skip button (skips cutscenes) or u can press `.