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XXY Oscilloscope

an Audio-input Oscilloscope & Vectorscope · By s-ol

Beautiful! Full screen capability?

A topic by nowhere_man created Sep 16, 2019 Views: 47 Replies: 1
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Oooh my gosh, I'm so glad you did this. I love Neil's XXY Oscilloscope and I was hoping someone would port it out to a separate program. Thank you so much! Toggling the sidebar and 'always on top' are nice touches. I was wondering though: Would it be possible to break the oscilloscope out to a separate, borderless window? I would love to be able to properly full-screen the scope. Furthermore, the ability to adapt to screen dimensions without unnatural stretching would be nice; but full screen with the original square dimension and black fill on the sides would be great too!

Nice work!

(repost - I accidentally replied to the other fella's post.)


I've been focusing my efforts on kritzikratzi/Oscilloscope at the moment, which is fully native but as of yet doesn't render as beautifully. The reason though is that it does support monitoring on windows (and fullscreen as well :))