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Brave hundreds of hand-crafted challenges as you help Madeline survive her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain! · By Matt Makes Games, Noel

Nondeterminsitic crash in 1.3 linux

A topic by rhelmot created 31 days ago Views: 79 Replies: 2
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After upgrading to 1.3b (had the same issue with 1.3 + workaround), Celeste is randomly crashing on startup, about a 50% chance. It's crashing inside, in the SDLAudioP2 thread. My OS is ubuntu 18.04, but I don't really know what other information I should extract about my configuration... let me know if there's anything useful I can report!

Here's the output from startup + crash:

Hi, I can confirm that it occurs with ArchLinux as well. The output is nearly the same as the one from rhelmot.

> Linux: Updated SDL FMOD binaries to fix a potential race-condition crash when starting the game is no longer crashing! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!