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Bugs and errors Sticky

A topic by A Grape Design created Jan 09, 2017 Views: 800 Replies: 8
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A thread for bugs and errors

On the first page of the hair, the second bun hairstyle doesn't snap on or stay on the head. It just snaps back in place. Also, the menu is invisible. I first tried playing the game on Chrome and the menu was invisible, but when I played on Microsoft Edge it was visible.


Thanks i will fix the hair problem! Yes the invisible menu thing is very strange. I still haven't seen it myself when I have tested it on different computers. It's good that you can play it on a different browser!
I'm trying to fix it but I have no idea what is causing it at the moment.


Ok the invisible menu seems to be related to a thing called WebGL (it's a kind of hardware acceleration thingie), and it can sometimes be disabled on Chrome for some reason. You can try these things:

In Chrome, go to settings and press advanced settings and then scroll down and see if "Use hardware acceleration when available" is checked or not, if it's not checked, then check it, then restart Chrome.

Then you can write this address in the Chrome bar: chrome://flags and press enter.
Then find this line:

Disable WebGL
Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android
Enabling this option prevents web applications from accessing the WebGL API.

and see if it says "disable" or "enable" underneath it. You want it to say "enable", so if it says "disable" then press it. Then restart Chrome.

If it still doesn't work, it way be something with your graphic card or similar, and in that case you'll just have to use another browser, for example Firefox or Edge.

Good luck and thanks for playing!


you can also check out this page for help:!topic/chrome/ezQ6znp4xcM

Hi Anna

On the hair page, the 14th and 15th hairstyles are a bit buggy. Depending on the hair colors, sometimes they won't be visible. I don't know if it's just from my comuter or if that is actually a bug. If you can, check it out. Love You

(P.S. I saw the note you wrote about giving some bucks, and I would be really happy to donate, but I don't have my own money and my parents won't let me do it. Sorry Anna)


oh don't worry that's allright if you can't donate, i know how it is! :)

Hmm they are all visible for me with all haircolors! Strange. What happends if you test it in another browser?

hey Anna!! first i wanted to say i love this game and i think your'e super talented. However my game has this glitch where the girl doesn't show up. The hair ,face and clothing i put on her are there but the girl is invisible aka no skin on the girl herself. What can i do to fix that?


Hi! That can be a problem with WebGL. Check this page out and try that, otherwise try another browser!