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A complex plugin to create skilltrees for RPG Maker MV · By Felski

Skill Pyramid?

A topic by Greyface Games created 37 days ago Views: 39 Replies: 2
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Loving the power and simplicity of the plugin... Amazing work,!

I'm currently working on a Fate Core implementation in RMMV and very much seeing this as the heart of my skills systems.

Just wondering if there's scope within my meager javascript knowledge to adapt this to a skills pyramid; essentially capping the max you can apply to any one skill based on the values of the others.

So essentially every skill would be 0 and you can level up according to a scale, starting with 20 points that can apply in the order of-

1x 4 point skill   [ ]
2x 3 point skill   [ ] [ ]
3x 2 point skill   [ ] [ ] [ ]
4x 1 point skill   [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

You'd only be able to level up a skill if there a supporting level beneath it, so your next upgrade would be either a 5th 1 point skill, a 4th 2 point skill, a third 3 point skill, or a 2nd 5 point skill, provided you had adequate points.

Has anyone else looked at doing something along these lines?


Hello discordiandreams,

I've been thinking about your questions for awhile and I don't think this can be done easily by changing the Javascript.

You could go achieve something similar in another way. You could create items that would be used to unlock the higher nodes. This would limit the amount of higher nodes by the amount of items you give the player. The skill tree would be have one lane per skill with 4 nodes. Each node would require another item. Like T1 Skill Crystal, T2 Skill Crystal, T3 Skill Crystal and T4 Skill Crystal.

That way you  would somewhat achieve what you want.

Best regards,

Thanks Felski- I'll think that one over; I've had a few ideas since to potentially change the approach on this, but yes- items do seem to be the easiest way to go!