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A topic by marko022 created Jan 07, 2017 Views: 1,286 Replies: 4
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whether there will be a multiplayer mode


Yes I want this mode and will grow the number of player!

I personally think a Multiplayer should be added, although in the FAQ it states that it doesn't have any plans for Multiplayer hopefully while developing the game they decide to add the feature. I feel as if the limit should be 2-4.

This game will die without multiplayer, the concept is perfect. Unfortunately playing alone is just too boring. The only thing you can do is build a fortress but what do you do after that? My friends have ZERO interest in single player survival/crafting games and thats a shame. MP would open up such a huge fan base; and with regular content updates you could even put a price on this game. Please keep up the good work and listen to feedback, you wont be disaapointed with where you can take this project.

İ want to game is multiplayer !!!!

So the number of players will increase rapidly !