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Keep up the good game.

A topic by andres sebastian created Jan 06, 2017 Views: 150 Replies: 2
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Multiplayer and put motors that when you do advance the raft and find islands and players out there but they can not open the coffers that when you break some things that give you a bit of things I spend in acerlo not to die so much of Thirst and hunger that can be made doors that the shark can be domesticated and that does not break the woods that give armor waltzes that is something almost equal to ark and thanks to you I could download this wonderful game that I liked a lot just missing it Put gradually things as if it were ark and tell me later how the game is updated when they get updated I do not know how to update it and follow it so you can this is too much to ask but I know that you are you can because this game is very wonderful thank you greetings from colombia and Something more that people can create and that the characters take them out with the multi-player Aztualization

Please read the FAQ before suggesting multiplayer.

And please put your suggestions in Suggestions/ideas topic. Thank you.