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To the next update:

A topic by Teekeycz created Jan 06, 2017 Views: 1,476 Replies: 6
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Hi :)

It's look like a great game :) I like these kinds of games :) But... I know this game is in beggining... can you update anything? for example: I dont need so much pal seeds and I think it could be better, if there is not 100% drop of seed from Coconut :)

There are ore bad things, but I'll waiting for next update I think this game will be the greatest :)

Be patient.

Yeap, I am :) And I am excited to next update :)

do know when the next update is out for raft

Hey whens the next update? i have been on raft sense it launched and theirs only been 1 or 2 updates where it added new items and can we do that for the next update like adding a boat that's been wrecked in the ocean and you can grab stuff in it and adding plane metal to build other things well i hope you can reply to me and tell me whens the next update also big fan of the game if you can get that on steam i'll buy it for 5$ or 10$ ok bye!!!

I hope the new update comes out soon and i'm guessing it will add new items a barrier so no one can fall off the world and i want them to add that to so ye and one last thing i think the next update will come out next week maybe i don't know i'm just guessing but if i'm wrong please tell me when it will.

Please add a new update as soon as possible I can't wait until what comes next on raft! You could make like a new Island like stranded deep.