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I'm stuck on the cabbage rolls...

A topic by cirrusylla created Aug 31, 2019 Views: 211 Replies: 3
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Hey, I love the game and its whole vibe. It's really cool and void of any bugs or issues- except the one I'm encountering right now.

I was trying to make the cabbage rolls for the woman standing outside the window and, even if I already added the salt, all that pops up when I click the bowl is "Mamaie always said:'Don't forget the salt dear!'". If this isn't a bug and I'm supposed to add another ingredient, I'm going to feel stupid but correct me anyways haha. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Hey! Thank you for your taking the time to try & play the game. 

If the ingredient you are missing isn't salt, then it's just 1 more ingredient left to put there. There should be: minced meat, onion, garlic, salt, and pickled cabbage. Check out this video made by AlphaBeta Gamer for a walkthrough on where you might be stuck. Hope it helps.


Thanks! Seems like I was just being stupid after all haha


haha! don't say that, I get it. When I don't play for a while, I forget the steps too!