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Stuck - can't progress further

A topic by andreyu_art created Aug 27, 2019 Views: 161 Replies: 3
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I'm playing this right now and I love the creepy atmosphere and the Romanian folklore elements.

I've just managed to open the house door and there's a creature standing in the doorway. The screen keeps fading to black but I can't seem to do anything or access my inventory.

Should I keep trying to figure it out or is it a bug?




First, thank you for playing the game. It's great to hear that you liked the Romanian folklore elements. 

You actually reached finished the game there! I think it's a bug because there should be a screen with thank you for playing. I will investigate this and upload a new version asap. Congrats !

Thanks for the reply! Yeah I really liked the atmosphere of the game and I wish there was more to play 馃檪

Looking forward to the updated version, to promote it on social media!


You are very kind. Thank you for your support! 

There will be a version to play on all platforms soon :)