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Notes on the Lost Scouts

A topic by srinivgp created Aug 24, 2019 Views: 26 Replies: 1
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I ran issue #2's lost scouts. Here are some notes on things that surprised me!

Pack moths were hilarious and debilitating. Because player avoided opening his infested pack until the very end. Lost 4 rations, a bow string, and a pack. Then town had extreme scarcity.

Usumbara needs more loot. Owls leave pellets with their indigestible bits and this owlbear eats humanoids. For their searching, I gave 6d6 of: 1-2, salvage. 3, darts. 4, blowgun. 5, trap parts. 6, leaf cloak.

Usumbara is terrifying. Make sure players are well aware that without "big weapons" they may not even be able to effectively whack the creature.

Don't skimp on the number of scouts. I said 6 but that ended up with just one in elf camp. Say 8-12 instead for plenty for Usumbara to have eaten, the two hiding, and several with the elves.


Good notes!  The additional loot makes sense for the adventure.  I also work so hard to make Usumbara feel scary; a direct encounter is likely to go poorly and I wouldn't want it to feel like a 'gotcha'.