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Beans Inc

First person restaurant Tycoon · By vandijkstef


A topic by CABOOM created Dec 30, 2016 Views: 335 Replies: 4
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Please make more tomatoes and cookies cuz it finish so fast and i need to restart the game to play again so fix it in a smart way

like when i see that my food start becoming low i can order from the internet and they bring it to me


Working on a lot of systems right now! Some of that need to be fixed/completed first, but this issue is high on the list!!!

Cool, so there will soon be new update.

I guess you already got the newer build. (Did you have a small river? :))

Pace of fixes and features is definitly going up now!

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when i select a tray and i point it at the shelf, it says F  - "Fetch" but it does nothing