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Lewd match 3 game with an incubus that likes to mix business and pleasure. · By Azurezero


A topic by Studio Deliverance created Aug 19, 2019 Views: 153
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Hello! Housewife here - this is my first game review, so please be patient with me. 


Okay, let's break this down into a few categories.


The art is extremely nice. It's really cute and simple - which fits with the whole vibe of the game. The girls have unique designs that portray their personalities, and it's overall really easy to like. It isn't a graphic horror, and it could run swell enough on my shitty lil non-gaming PC!


The sound fits everything too! From the sound of the bubbles to the background music. It's unobtrusive and is calming to listen to without the need to really focus on it.


Usually, I don't really like these type of games (Match 3, not lewd - I fucking adore cute girls). However, this was super easy to get into! There's no tutorial, and that's understandable, considering how it's easy to tell what everything is for nearly right away. It's super simple and easy to play without getting too frustrated from losing. (The most I've lost was like, three times total.) It's a short, relaxing game that I'd recommend for beginners and casual gamers alike! Though, the end could be balanced out better when it comes to an even mix of romancing the girls and upgrading your suite. It's also a super short game, so if you don't want to put hours into a lewd game, I'd recommend it to you as well! It took me about an hour and twenty minutes to complete!


Okay, the story is really easy to understand, but it's missing a little something. Some parts are missing potential commas and periods, which can throw someone off and get rid of that nice, professional feeling. The character dialogue is repetitive and doesn't show off their personalities, making them bland despite their pretty designs. It's hard to truly get attached to one character. The final scenes for each character doesn't help much either. While the art is super cute, it would be better for the game to have more intimate, longer scenes to make everything feel more fulfilling. The ending is also very unclear in the sense that it's nonexistent. You finish your suite, romance all the girls, then there's nothing to do but save and exit the game. These make it really hard to get attached to the characters and make the game stick out.


It's a really good game! It's worth the price, and while it's lacking in some parts, if you're looking for a light, non-serious game to play through real quick, I would highly suggest this one. The art and sound is on point, so with some more detail and attention added to the story, it would really stick out and be even better! 

So what do I rate this game?