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Mac problems

A topic by dannyman008 created Aug 15, 2019 Views: 140 Replies: 1
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How do i make this run on a Mac

The EXE file won't open as its now windows and is keeps saying the jar file is damaged


I'm sorry, it can be tricky before I make a proper mac application out of the game, but haven't gotten around to it yet. 

You can try:

Double clicking the ""


Open the terminal 

type: cd [path to SyxProto001.jar]

(replace [path to SyxProto001.jar] with the path to it). You can also write "cd " then drag the jar into the terminal window and drop it. You'll have to remove the last part or the path (SyxProto001.jar) hit enter
type: java -jar -XstartOnFirstThread SyxProto001.jar

This should work for 90% of all mac users. I hope it does for you.