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A topic by techcompliant created Dec 22, 2016 Views: 568 Replies: 6
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Welcome all to our first open playtest!

When I try to launch the application an error comes up and says vulkan-1.dll is missing from my computer. Please help.

I was able to download it online as Vulkan is Open Source I believe. Toss that in the root folder EX: \Desktop\New folder

Can you send me the link for it?


Have you updated your graphics drivers? What card do you have?

Have you received the link if you have could you please send.


So far looks like a good game, was working smove on the pc i was using. Hope you will keep updating as would be good to see where this game goes

Hi, i have the same problem as Zaddict16 were vulkan-1.dll is missing from the computer. 

Please Help!