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Catch The Devil

A Tabletop Game Of Fear In The Late Anthropocene · By Sage LaTorra

Damage vs. Wounds

A topic by Aaron S. created Aug 07, 2019 Views: 254 Replies: 3
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In the text, we are instructed to "roll+Tough-wounds," as well as "roll+Tough-damage." Is this meant to be the same thing? I'm a little fuzzy on wounds vs. damage in general, but I'll start here.

The reference to -wounds would be left from an earlier version that I must have missed. :( I'll find it real quick and update.


Ah, found it. In the rolling dice section it mentions that a move could have you subtract the number of wounded moves you have, but the only move that used that was removed in editing. I'll remove it from the text for clarity for now, but if you want to make your own moves it's a cool space to explore.

That's a dope idea! I might mess around with that once I get a chance to run it a couple of times.