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Communication Ronin - TidalCycles

A topic by delaudio created Aug 07, 2019 Views: 390
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First of all, thank you for Ronin, it's a wonderful tool.

After playing a bit on its own, I'm trying to make TidalCycles communicate with it, but with no success. (It's my first time with OSC messages, unfortunately)
Looking for documentation, I'm looking at these references:

I'm trying with the example provided, and I've managed to trigger the event in Ronin with SuperCollider, evaluating these two lines:

b ="", 49162);    // create the NetAddr
b.sendMsg("/a", "there");    // send the application the message "hello" with the parameter "there"

but nothing happens when I try to transpose the same logics in Tidal.
Has anyone ever tried to make them communicate? 
Thank you,