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More to do with Pancake please!?

A topic by iiS1LV3R created 12 days ago Views: 36
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Pancake The Slightly Magical Cat

     Can we have more to do with him please? I hate just having to tell him we're friends.. I wanna be able to, like, give him things? Or hire him like you hire boots to find Yarno? Maybe, because he's owned by the magician that comes by and basically gambles with you, you can hire him to do magical things for you, like rid Chester of his curse, or for a couple of coins get a chance to get double that back or something.
       I dunno, I really want more to do with Pancake and the only reason I'm not requesting this with Boots (Because all you can do is rub his belly and hire him as far as I know) is because you can interact with him by hiring him. But Pancake feels like just a placeholder for me.