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How to require or install gems?

A topic by jrpolidario created Aug 04, 2019 Views: 389 Replies: 2
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I searched for all instances of `require` keyword across all samples/* files, and none seem to have examples or documentation on how to require gems; in particular I want to require [mruby's `ostruct`] ( I read from a post here that `bundler` is planned to be supported in the future, but at the moment how do I install gems? I'm coming from "mri-ruby" background of either using `gem install ...` or including in `Gemfile`, to install gems. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)


requiring gems is currently not supported (we are working on it though). 

DragonRuby comes with an open struct implementation (sort of) called OpenEntity

If you want to use a gem, you have to put all the source of the gem into the app directory. 

Thank you! :)