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New update

A topic by oom1232 created 52 days ago Views: 617 Replies: 5
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So I've went to the club with Becca, then Ash a week later, but now I don't know what there is to do in the new update. I've been going at it for 3 weeks (in game) to try and find something new. Plzzz help!

This is currently the newest content (HOS1.25). You need to wait for next update.

Uhh are you sure? Because I remember doing the whole club thing before this update came out...

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You are sure you played 1.24 before and not 1.25patreon? There was 3 days the patreon version on public download by mistake.

yea that could've been it now i gotta wait another month ;( thank you for the clear up tho thought my game was broken lol

If you think you are missing something, you can read here for more information about the updates.