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Golden Treasure: The Great Green

A game about the dragon within us all. Become Draak, and rejoice. · By Dreaming Door

Change Log - Version 1.1.0 Sticky

A topic by Isaac Sweet created Jul 08, 2019 Views: 58
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Version 1.1.0 Changes

You may have noticed smaller changes being pushed out with out change logs. These are generally text based changes that we can do easily and with out you having to download too much, such as fixing spelling errors.  But we are always working under the hood to craft a better Golden Treasure. 
Here is a rundown of the latest changes.

The Gallery

  • Added tarot cards to the gallery. You can now view unlocked tarot cards from the gallery.
  • Added a page selection feature to the gallery. Simply click the page number when viewing the gallery and you can type to jump to a specific page.

New Features

  • Added a confirmation dialog when retreating in combat.
  • Added options to give shiny things to the Artist to help it complete its treasure.
  • Added options to purchase wakeleaves and poultices from the Artist in Part 3.
  • Added energy loss for breathing fire on the Puzzle Trees in Part 2 and added an option to leave that scene without interacting with the trees.
  • Added an option to ask for a fox tail if you need one.
  • Added text about how many treasures can be selected when starting a new Part.
  • Added extra animation to the No-Tail festival scene.
  • Added sounds to an encounter in Part 3.


    • Fixed Pedantus' incorrect physics in Part 2.
    • Fixed text error with Warden in Part 2.
    • Set the price on the Crystal Fang to 200 shiny things.
    • Fixed Onesong perk causing more damage instead of less damage.
    • Increased amount of time given for timed riddles by 10 seconds.
    • Fixed errors caused by file corruption in user settings.
    • Temporary status effects (such as from the special herb) no longer persist between Parts.
    • Updated the steel blade shaft event for increased clarity.
    • Fixed low energy lair messages not being removed when your energy increases in the lair.
    • Fixed incorrect death text caused by @#&%$-related death.
    • Fixed typo in dead dragon scene.
    • Reduced energy gained from Consume Self from 80% to 50%.
    • Fixed visual errors in timer for timed riddles.
    • Fixed a music conflict in the second labyrinth.
    • Fixed a sudden cutout in music in the opening to Part 2.
    • Fixed an erroneous sound effect in the opening to Part 3.
    • Fixed persistence of human sounds in a timed event in Part 3.
    • Fixed a missing sound effect in the Part 3 Vantage encounter.
    • Fixed an erroneous sound effect in the Part 3 Tempest encounter.
    • Fixed an erroneous sound effect at the Moot.
    • Continual audio level adjustments.