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Another RPG Engine

Engine for creating RPGs in Twine 2 and SugarCube. · By Another RPG Enthusiast


A topic by Another RPG Enthusiast created Jun 26, 2019 Views: 393
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Developer (27 edits)

This thread is a listing of planned and requested features. I am still a novice with JavaScript, so I do not necessarily know how to implement these yet. Please weigh in if you have an idea. You may also request additional features you'd like to see here.

Planned Features

  • Stat grinding functionality
  • Crafting system/equipment customization

Completed Features

  • Using replace macros to transition through battle phases instead of moving to new passages. This should speed up battles considerably. DONE in 0.99
  • Making the BACK button only go back one level instead of all the way to the main battle screen. So far I have been nervous about messing things up by using the actual back macros. Certain sections (such as the spell check) advance multiple passages at once, so the back macro would not work.
    • While not done exactly, the "last action" functionality added in 1.06.1 mitigates this.
  • The ability to play with keystrokes, like a console game. DONE in 1.06
    • Still needed: Targeting hotkeys for all-targeting skills. DONE IN 1.06.1
  • The ability to change background and tags of the battle passage DONE in 1.02
  • Threat/aggro system DONE in 1.13
  • Audio and music functionality DONE in 1.06.4
  • Expanded menu functionality, plus hotkey support DONE in 1.07
  • The ability to have redundant equipment slots, e.g. the ability to equip two "Accessories" at once. DONE in 1.08.1
  • Loss-of-control effects (e.g. berserk and confusion) DONE in 1.14
  • Item drops DONE in 1.13.1
  • Cooldown for player actions DONE in 1.14
  • A more compact action list, with details offloaded to an info box that pops up on mouseover. DONE in 1.15
  • "Turn exchange" that forces an enemy action for every player action in the free-action system. DONE in 1.15
  • Ability to set the default action for puppets. DONE in 1.15
  • Ability to modify the appearance of save files. DONE in 1.15
  • Accessibility options such as changing font and text color DONE in 1.19
  • Reactive stat masking, e.g. only displaying elemental affinities after using that element DONE IN 1.21
  • More active visuals, with animations, dynamic health bars, etc. DONE in 1.25
  • Notifications for actions and items used in the menu DONE in 3.02