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Another RPG Engine

Engine for creating RPGs in Twine 2 and SugarCube. · By AnotherRPGEnthusiast


A topic by AnotherRPGEnthusiast created 83 days ago Views: 47 Replies: 1
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Developer (6 edits)

As of version 1.07


  • The Inventory class does not revive correctly on a save load. Fixed in 0.99
  • <<deathcheck>> causes an error when trying to remove some effects. I suspect the issue is Protector; will investigate.
  • Equipment will produce strange effects if the onEquip and onRemove functions are changed between save game versions.


  • When an applied effect has its duration extended, a blank line is generated.
  • A line break isn't generated for the death message when an enemy is defeated by DoT.
  • The unequip button only travels to the edge of the equipment description box, not the larger actor box as it should. This is due to some HTML finnickyness I dread interfering with. Fixed in 1.07


  • The enemy action loop doesn't quite work as intended; if there's an else clause (as there should be), the probabilities are thrown off because a failed action will automatically be changed to the default. Is this really a problem though...? Maybe it's best if it does work that way.

I don't know if this is the right place to put this or if it's even solvable on your end and isn't like a browser or problem but, When I come back to page and press Run Game (not Restore Game) after already having run the game earlier it totally breaks the ui. I get a lot of messages that say "Error: <<showmeter>>: The meter "" does not exist." and the boxes that show the fighters/enemies become a single column.