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BRG's The Stonecutter

A poor stonecutter notices the lifestyles others, a spirit hears his plea and grants his wish. Choose his wish! · By Brave Rock Games

Hello everyone, welcome to our community! Sticky

A topic by Brave Rock Games created Jun 19, 2019 Views: 28
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Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce our second Visual Novel, The Stonecutter. This classic tale has rarely been seen on the Western Hemisphere, so we decided to bring it to Steam. While the story is on the shorter side, exploring each paths will greatly increase the length of this Asian Folklore. 

A poor stonecutter wishes for something more in life, he meets a spirit that will make his dreams a reality. Despite having his wish granted, The Stonecutter is still unsatisfied and wishes for more. Decide The Stonecutter's fate by choosing what he should wish for! If you desire a more linear story, our first Visual Novel Red Riding Hood should be released soon. If you're looking for a longer story, Alice in Wonderland is coming soon as well :D. 

Brave Rock Games is an independent organization that makes interactive software for young audiences. Our current goal is to bring classic stories to digital platforms. We believe reading is fundamentally important to any child's growth. Some children dislike reading due to lack of visuals. We are bringing visual story tales to these children. We have learned that disabled gamers, also enjoy our software due to simplicity of the controls and production value. Lastly, many adults have approached us to give thanks for creating an application they can enjoy with their child.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Brave Rock Games