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Questions about the end (spoiler)

A topic by Arghantyl created Nov 20, 2016 Views: 466 Replies: 10
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I finished the game and i got few questions :

1) Does the game have multiple ends :

b)does the item bills diary have an impact and how to use it ( i went to bills office and no none there)

c) can we just skip police at rooftop

Because i find the end very frustrating and rushed ,to be honest :(

(I just have to find all golden D and beat final places )

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b) It is only "usable" to speak to bill to get some info at the "big event",if done you don't need it anymore,I think

c) I don't think so

If you need help to find all the GDildos go here: https://itch.io/t/39878/golden-dildos

b) ok i shall search him more at amber i see.Thx for the location

c)Urrrgh...so the epic thriler ends into a metal gear solid game fated to fail and a hand to hand fight that doesnt have any importance O.o.I hoped something less cheap and more crazy.

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Now i remember,the real ending is at the final cave,at the final floor

And by speaking to bill with it,i mean that you can only pretty much "use it" before the supposed fist fight..

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Oh yes sorry,i i havent been enough patient to see all the credits so i skiped the final cave mission at the end ;(

Also bill doesnt have any impact on the end.It only triggers the cut scene when purple enter in the elevator and tells go at the right elevator.

Thanks for the help Btw

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Yup,np and actually the final cave is easy to go through but the trainers are really annoying imo

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If you have at least 3 lvl 100s the trainers are easy,and also a ton of leamonade

Well i know that ive already completed almost everything

Not even needed.A full balanced team of level 80 is far enough since the IA do not switch often.

The game become a bit too easy for my taste.


The game basically ends after you beat the Elite Four. The Post-Game Chapters are just extra fluff.

Hmmm...that s bit odd to consider that but nevermind.

The game was great and i got a lot of fun

.PRos : Good map/huge pokedex/Humor

Cons : Difficulty drop too much at the end

Will u add some add ons in the future or do you consider the game finished ?

It would be relevant to add ( IMO) a little arena with high skilled trainers since legendaries have been released on the island.