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Exit 19

Night approaches. Take a walk down Exit 19. · By Jack Squires

Stuck in car

A topic by LegendaryExtra created Nov 20, 2016 Views: 483 Replies: 4
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Nothing happens, I start in the car, I can look around, but it doesn't respond to keyboard.


Try opening the car door

I managed as far as the tree on top of the hill with the swinging tire. Some feedback…

The center dot that indicates interaction was way too hard to see. I was stuck in the car for a while before I accidentally turned the radio on. From there I eventually spotted the little dot and figured it out. But against the grainy background it's difficult to see. I was also in windowed mode.

From the initial interactivity of the car, turning on the radio, the lights, and opening the door… I was expecting to interact with other things, especially the phone box.

The lack of direction is a little confusing, but I did eventually gravitate towards the next exit, and the side road… but finding the side road blocked, and having to go across the bridge to get it unlocked didn't make a lot of sense to me. It was locked one minute, and now it's unlocked?

Also the way the side road sort of dead ends at the water pump, then the phone box, and goes off in a different direction threw me off a bit too. Not sure if this was intentional or not. From the main road you can barely make out the water pump, but from the water pump I couldn't see anything and it felt like the road had dead-ended. It was a while before I found it branched off in another direction. Expecting something similar I spent a bit of time around the tree trying to see where the road had wondered off too.

For me the whole experience was on the edge of being frustrating… I like the concept, but I felt I spent a little too much time trying to figure out what to do or where to go, as opposed to enjoying the atmosphere.

Still not clear if I reached the end or not, didn't feel like I did. Still cool idea. Thanks for putting it up.

I think you didn't get to the end because i got to the end and it was pretty clear to me... the game says THE END when you reach it...

Ok, thanks Firepants. I'll take another look, obivously missed something.