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Weird Coincidences...

A topic by Sanguine Silhouette created 77 days ago Views: 257
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So I have some pretty weird things in common with this game, not counting my obsession with vampires that made me download it in the first place, or my love for the VTM: Bloodlines feel. The game starts on September 24th, my birthday, and had it been one year later, it would have been my boyfriend's exact birthday (Sep. 24th 1997, yes my bf and I share the same birthday, just off by two years). Markus not only has the same name as my brother, but he looks like a young, black haired version of my dad, who is also not so mentally stable, though not in a wacky way like Markus seems to be. Not much, but I thought it was weird enough to ask you guys how you know me, lol.