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A Piece Of The Universe [prototype]

A densely interactive pottering-about simulator with hidden phantasms, made in VR, for VR. · By naam

Hey Naam will this work on the quest?

A topic by Spagpix created 54 days ago Views: 51 Replies: 1
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Love your work! Where did u say you got the tape deck models from or did you you make it? 


Hey, thank you!

Everything in APOTU is hand-crafted by me personally, 99% of it in Google Blocks : ). It’s kind of one of the pillars of the project. 

Quest: don’t hold your horses! APOTU is secretly quite demanding (high-tier rendering and LOTS of physics) so it’s quite the challenge for a port. Not planning to for the moment, though I DID walk around in it on Quest via ALVR, which works surprisingly well!